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Crowns & Bridges


A dental crown can act as a sort of cap, sitting over an existing tooth to hold it together and improve the appearance of a smile.

Though it is often used to restore discoloured or malformed teeth and serve other cosmetic purposes, it is mostly used to fix teeth with large cavities, cracks or worn fillings.

Most dental crowns are constructed out of porcelain and can last from anywhere between five and 15 years, which is dependent on how well it is taken care of.


Bridges simply cover the space in which a tooth or several teeth have gone missing, with several types available including fixed, bonded and cantilever bridges.

The fixed bridge is the most common of the three, made up of two crowns and a false tooth (or teeth) which is known as the pontic(s).

The bridge is placed over the teeth with each of the two crowns sitting on either side of the gap, and the pontic(s) filling the space.

The bonded bridge uses 'wings' on each side of the pontic instead of crowns that are bonded to the teeth on either side of the gap.

The cantilever bridge is relevant for patients who don't have 'abutment' teeth on either side of the gap, with this layout different from the others as the pontic is placed on the end instead of in between.